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Confronting Suburbanization

Sykora and Stanilov


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Confronting Suburbanization


Since the collapse of the communist regime in Central and Eastern Europe, cities in the former socialist countries have entered a period of dramatic transformation. One of the most important processes in the ensuing frenetic rearrangement of urban space has been the dispersal of urban functions beyond the edges of the compact city into territories that experienced very little development during the socialist years. Post-socialist metropolitan growth has been characterized by fragmented spatial patterns broadly associated with urban sprawl and its controversial environmental, economic, and social consequences. This fascinating book explores and explains the processes of suburbanization in the specific context of post-socialist societies transitioning from one system of socio-spatial order to another. The process is tracked through case studies of seven post-socialist capital city regions – Budapest, Ljubljana, Moscow, Prague, Sofia, Tallinn, and Warsaw, where the forces of urban decentralization have been the strongest during the last twenty years. By highlighting the swift trajectory of suburbanization in Central and Eastern Europe, the contributors illuminate key conditions for the emergence and proliferation of the phenomenon, and highlight its typical forms and features in a dynamically evolving urban context. 

Product Details

Publication Date:
Studies in Urban and Social Change Ser.
John Wiley & Sons (uk)
Stanilov, Kiril Sykora, Ludek
Country of origin:
272 pages

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