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Simply Dusty

Dusty Springfield


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Simply Dusty


As part of a Universal Earbook series that was launched in 2006, Dusty Springfield's 2000 box set Simply Dusty was reissued in a new format. It still contained the four CDs and 98 tracks of the original set, but this time it was packaged within a nearly LP-sized hardback coffee table book. If you have the original box, it's certainly an indulgence, as you're basically paying quite a bit (about $100) for larger-sized artwork and more durable, handsome packaging; even if you don't have the original box, it's a bit of an indulgence, considering how high the price is. Viewed simply for its music and visual appeal, however, it's quite good (and one of the better of the first batch of titles in the Earbook line), the many photos and illustrations of record sleeves benefiting from having been blown-up to a much larger size. The music is for the most part quite good as well, containing all the familiar hits and many high-quality LP tracks, B-sides, and unissued-at-the-time items that -- though they're mostly available elsewhere (a 1966 BBC cover of the folk standard "Poor Wayfaring Stranger" being a notable exception) -- are quite satisfying and not all that easy to track down in other formats. "For the most part" is a crucial qualifier here: the decline in the quality of the material is sharp in the last half of the set, becoming especially precipitous on disc four, though that CD does include her 1987 comeback hit with the Pet Shop Boys, "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" To be harsh, if the set's intention was to be a survey of Springfield's most significant work, you could cut most of disc four out with barely any loss at all, its primary purpose being to make the anthology a career-spanning one rather than a selective best-of. Still, for the serious Dusty fan, this makes for a nice display on the mantle piece (in addition to containing much classic music), with detailed track-by-track notes included in the book. ~ Richie Unterberger

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Simply Dusty track listing

  1. Disc 1

    1. Dusty Springfield (2:54)
    2. Ragtime Selection: I Love a Piano/Pretty Baby/When the Midnight Choo Ch (2:27)
    3. (Seven Little Girls) Sitting on the Back Seat (2:14)
    4. Far Away Places (3:53)
    5. Island of Dreams (3:38)
    6. Say I Won't Be There (3:52)
    7. No Sad Songs for Me (3:59)
    8. I Only Want to Be with You (3:37)
    9. Once Upon a Time (2:54)
    10. Stay Awhile (2:57)
    11. Will You Love Me Tomorrow? (3:40)
    12. Wishin & Hopin (3:56)
    13. I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself (3:50)
    14. All Cried Out (3:50)
    15. Losing You (3:20)
    16. Summer Is Over (4:45)
    17. I Will Always Want You (4:36)
    18. Your Hurtin' Kinda Love (3:40)
    19. I Wanna Make You Happy (2:27)
    20. In the Middle of Nowhere (3:48)
    21. Baby Don't You Know (3:50)
    22. Some of Your Lovin' (3:40)
    23. Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)? (3:25)
    24. Doodlin' (3:48)
    25. I've Been Wrong Before (2:24)
    26. Little by Little (2:19)
    27. If It Hadn't Been for You (2:26)
    28. You Don't Have to Say You Love Me (3:50)
    29. Every Ounce of Strength (2:21)
  2. Disc 2

    1. Goin' Back (4:32)
    2. Poor Wayfaring Stranger (3:13)
    3. All I See Is You (3:23)
    4. Go Ahead On (3:39)
    5. I'll Try Anything (2:27)
    6. Give Me Time (3:80)
    7. Look of Love (4:34)
    8. What's It Gonna Be? (2:29)
    9. Chained to a Memory (3:37)
    10. Welcome Home (3:40)
    11. Broken Blossoms (3:43)
    12. If You Go Away (4:52)
    13. Where Am I Going? (4:41)
    14. It's Over (3:37)
    15. Magic Garden (4:32)
    16. I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten (3:10)
    17. I Will Come to You (3:27)
    18. Sweet Lover No More (2:53)
    19. Another Night (2:16)
    20. I Can't Give Back the Love I Feel for You (3:35)
    21. I Think It's Going to Rain Today (3:16)
    22. Son of a Preacher Man (2:26)
    23. Windmills of Your Mind (4:50)
    24. No Easy Way Down (3:10)
    25. Am I the Same Girl? (3:10)
  3. Disc 3

    1. Let Me Get in Your Way (3:48)
    2. Brand New Me (3:30)
    3. Star of My Show (3:32)
    4. Someone Who Cares (3:54)
    5. Live Here with You (3:44)
    6. Make It with You (3:13)
    7. You've Got a Friend (5:28)
    8. Morning Please Don't Come (3:30)
    9. How Can I Be Sure (3:46)
    10. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? (4:32)
    11. Mixed Up Girl (3:27)
    12. Crumbs off the Table (3:30)
    13. Yesterday When I Was Young (4:41)
    14. See All Her Faces (4:30)
    15. Easy Evil (3:54)
    16. Of All the Things (3:70)
    17. Learn to Say Goodbye (3:51)
    18. Sea and Sky (2:14)
    19. In the Winter (3:40)
    20. Home to Myself (3:50)
    21. Exclusively for Me (3:43)
    22. I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love (3:51)
    23. Turn Me Around (3:27)
    24. Love Me by Name (4:15)
    25. Hollywood Movie Girls (4:39)
  4. Disc 4

    1. That's the Kind of Love I Got for You (7:11)
    2. Closet Man (4:90)
    3. I Just Fall in Love Again (3:14)
    4. I Wish That Love Would Last (3:22)
    5. (But It's A) Nice Dream (3:59)
    6. I Don't Think We Could Ever Be Friends (3:28)
    7. Blind Sheep (5:30)
    8. Losing You (Just a Memory) (3:51)
    9. You'll Be Loving Me (4:23)
    10. What Have I Done to Deserve This? (4:16)
    11. Nothing Has Been Proved (5:33)
    12. In Private (4:16)
    13. Daydreaming (5:56)
    14. Something in Your Eyes (4:15)
    15. Go Easy on Me (6:38)
    16. I Can't Help the Way I Don't Feel (4:43)
    17. Wherever Would I Be? (4:54)
    18. Quiet Please There's a Lady on Stage (6:13)
    19. Someone to Watch Over Me (1:30)

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