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Paperback / softback
RRP  $29.99

The Nix

by Nathan Hill

Meet Samuel Andresen-Anderson: stalled writer, bored teacher at a local college, obsessive player of online video games.

Reviewed by Ben at Angus & Robertson Bookworld:
Here's an uplifting fact for all the aspiring writers out there; the most outstanding break-out novel of the year has been written by a forty-year-old World of Warcraft addict from the suburbs. His name is Nathan Hill and you've probably never heard of him. 

The Nix is mammoth, a uniformly smart novel that wavers between different styles and narratives. The Nix is run-away parents, sexually compromised children, contemporary right-wing hysteria, Occupy Wall Street, online role-playing game addiction, late 60s hippie riots with Allen Ginsberg, police hatred, Taylor Swift fever, academic politics, European ghosts, and (my favourite) Choose Your Own Adventure homage in one expansive package. 

This is a book about America in all of its ridiculousness. Some pages could have been lifted from David Foster Wallace, some from Tom Pynchon and others from John Irving. Through some miracle, the exhausting number of character narratives are structured together evenly, though, in places, a little hastily spliced. The humour and humanity of Nathan Hill's writing is nothing short of remarkable.

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