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Paperback / softback
RRP  $32.99

The Animators

by Kayla Rae Whitaker

From age eighteen on, I had a partner, a kindred spirit. I had a friend. Someone bound and determined to keep me from the worst in myself...

Reviewed by Ben at Angus & Robertson Bookworld:
This book is amazing, impossible to put aside once the bright stripes of its cover ensnare you. Irreverent, outrageously funny and fully equipped to bring readers to tears, The Animators is a novel that accurately depicts the lives of people who make art in this century. Sharon Kisses and Mel Vought, two transplants from America’s rural South into a New York liberal arts college, are magnetised towards one another’s raw talent and ruinous family lives. The narrative goes deep into their fraught partnership as they hurtle across the country becoming cult heroes of animation.

The story took me all kinds of places I didn’t see coming, exploring female sexuality, abuse, addiction and the toxic brilliance of the creative process. A terrific new book that will speak to readers who loved A Little Life.

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