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Paperback / softback
RRP  $35.00

Still Lucky

by Rebecca Huntley

At a time when politics seems increasingly negative and our society increasingly divided, Still Lucky shows that we are more fortunate than we think, and have more in common than we know.

Reviewed by Ben at Angus & Robertson Bookworld:
I've always suspected that Australians have a tendency towards contradiction. We're always happy to pull out the credit card for a massive new TV or overseas holiday, even if it's outside our means, but even the most well-off of us go into a wild panic every time the price of petrol or bananas changes. We obsess over politics but detest and distrust our politicians. Newspapers seem to have one opinion of our country and our political leaders have another, neither of which conform with what gets voiced at the pub or over the dinner table.

Rebecca Huntley has done social research for decades - having raw conversations with Aussies from all walks of life, of all ages, and from one end of the country to the other. In Still Lucky, she draws insights from these focus groups and quotes many individuals verbatim (some are very funny). The book paints a portrait of Australia as it really is - giving answers to some tricky questions, like why we obsess over home ownership, how racist we are and what future will there be for our kids and grandkids. As the title suggests, there’s a lot to be optimistic for in our nation and its people. We're much more similar to each other in our hopes and dreams than we might think.

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