The Black Sultan

The Black Sultan

by L Ron HubbardCorey Burton Christina Huntington and others

CD-Audio Publication Date: 21/03/2013

Meet Eddie Moran, a slightly disreputable American cooling his heels in French Morocco. He's as smooth as they come, one step ahead of the game ... and of the police.
Who's after him? Just about everybody. What's he done? A bit of everything--smuggler, revolutionary, whatever crooked little scheme will pay for his next meal or next drink. But Eddie's latest caper is one he may not be able to escape ... even if he wants to.
Stumbling into a fight between a couple of Berber chieftains, Eddie lands in a prison run by The Black Sultan. He may be a captive of the Sultan, but he's captivated by a stunning young woman the Sultan means to add to his harem. For her, Eddie might just go straight--if he can get them out of this hellhole alive.
Also includes the adventure story, "Escape for Three," in which a bold trio of French Legionnaires come to the rescue of their great leader--only to decide he may not be so great after all.
"The desert winds howl and the battles rage as the audio version of The Black Sultan transports you back to a storied era of blood and war in North Africa. These voice actors are all capable of a wide range of characters ... fresh and exciting." --Audiobook Heaven
Publication Date:
Galaxy Audio
Country of origin:
United States
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