We Are Open For Business

We Are Open For Business

Due to the Victorian Stage 4 lockdown deliveries to Victoria are affected by delays.

To see updates on delivery delays around Australia please visit our COVID-19 Information Page here


Payments - Promotions - Gift Cards

How Do I Use a Discount Code?

Discount codes need to be manually applied whilst you are in the Checkout and can not be applied to your order once it has been placed. Open the voucher code box as shown in the image below.     Enter your voucher code in to the box shown. Ensure that the code... Read more

How Do I Use a Gift Card?

When completing your purchase add the giftcard code with no spaces.   You are able to use up to 5 Gift Cards on the one order. Giftcards must be redeemed during checkout and can not be retroactively applied to your order. If you are having difficulty please us... Read more

Do You Price Match?

As the titles listed at our website are usually discounted and below RRP and discounts are applied to our in stock titles daily, we do not offer a price matching service.... Read more

Methods Of Payment

At Angus and Robertson we accept: All major credit cards (including Mastercard, Visa, American Express) PayPal AfterPay We use SSL security and do not store your card details. At this time we do not accept bank transfers, cheques, money orders or Bitcoin.   Do... Read more

Is There a Discount for Bulk Orders?

The titles listed on our website are usually discounted and below RRP. Discounts are applied to our 'In Stock' titles daily, and these books are always readily available. As non-stocked titles are often specially ordered for customers, the price is often not a... Read more

Managing Saved Payments

You can edit your stored settings from within your Angus and Robertson account. Once you have signed-in to your Angus and Robertson account, choose the 'Account Details' option at the top of the screen and then select the 'Payment & Delivery'' option on the le... Read more

Do You Accept Purchase Orders or Bank Transfers or Cheques?

Angus and Robertson can only accept payment through Credit/Debit cards, PayPal and AfterPay. If you are looking to place a bullk order, mulitple copies of a single title or you require further information for you government or educational order please use the ... Read more

I Have a Store or Borders Gift Card

Only gift cards that have been purchased on www.angusrobertson.com.au are vaild for use on this website, providing that they are within the expiry period and have sufficent balance. Do you have a Borders or A&R Gift Card Purchased before April 2011? Gift Cards... Read more


Angus and Robertson is regularly requested to donate books to raffles, events and school programs and we do so all the time. If you are considering contacting us to donate to your event or charity please respect that we put a focus on Australian literacy, read... Read more

Our Policies

 You can find all our policies in one handy place below: Delivery information Returns Policy Terms & Conditons Privacy Policy Product Content Policy    ... Read more

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