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A Fallen Man Rises Again

A Fallen Man Rises Again

By a Fitly Spoken Word

by Paula Reed and Robert Reed
Publication Date: 07/09/2019
We wrote this book to encourage our Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, who have fallen down from their Christian stand in the Gospel and for those who have fallen away from their ministry calling. We desire to let them all know that even though everything looks bleak for you right now, God is not finished with you yet. God's hand is still on your life. You can and you will rise again!Many Christians, who come to Christ, are excited about their salvation and God eventually calling them into ministry work. Understandably, these young or (new ministers of any age) can allow their misplaced zeal and eagerness to be used of God to cause them to (either intentionally or unintentionally) avoid or rush their growth process because they desire to be seen and heard in the pulpit. This is a grave mistake! It is more important to take the time, effort and discipline necessary to grow into maturity and wisdom in order to form a real sold out position and a completely solid Christian stance for the Lord. Most new ministers have not yet experienced giving Jesus Christ a genuine and unconditional YES, which must be tried and proven by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Everyone wants the mountain-top experience, but no one wants to have to go through the wilderness to get there!Although these ministers are keenly talented and can flow in the use of their spiritual gifts, yet when they come under a heavy attack by the devil, especially during their first few years, evidence will show they could not stay steadfast to their convictions of loyalty to Christ. Yes, they may have even received great and wonderful prophecies of what God would do in their lives and ministry callings in the future. Prophesies about how God would increase their anointing power to do great things and be successful; however, God does not tell us all of the details of the rugged paths along the journey we must travel to walk into the fulfillment of those prophecies.Sometimes, these excited young or new ministers walk right into the traps of the devil. They can fall so badly and stay down such a long period that they feel God has put them aside and He is no longer willing to use them in ministry. Even when doom and gloom are present in your life, just remember these words: it is NOT OVER YET! With God's help, you can and will rise up again.
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United States
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