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ABC Warriors: the Mek Files Vol. 4

ABC Warriors: the Mek Files Vol. 4

by Pat Mills and Clint Langley
Publication Date: 22/03/2018
Continuing the legendary ABC Warriors definitive collection series
Been to hell - Lived to tell!

Travelling across mars to recruit their latest companion,  the battle-scarred A.B.C. Warriors reminisce about their part in the Volgan War - a vicious conflict fought for oil on Earth. As the droids Hammerstein, Mongrol, Joe Pineapples, Deadlock and Blackblood all relate their memories of the war, old mysteries are revealed and ancient grudges are rekindled!

This collects the first two parts of The Volgan War, Pat Mills and Clint Langley's brain-boggling A.B.C. Warriors epic!

* Written by 2000 AD creator and British comics royalty Pat Mills (Defoe, Nemesis)
* Illustrated by Clint Langley (Sl#65533;ine, Guardians of The Galaxy)
* Contains classic fan-favourite ABC Warriors storyline The Volgan War
ABC Warriors The Mek Files Vol. 1 - 9781781082584m, ABC Warriors The Mek Files Vol. 2 -978-1781082591, ABC Warriors The Mek Files Vol. 3 - 978-1781083345
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United Kingdom
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Pat Mills

Pat Mills is one of Britain's most popular writers and comics editors, and is often credited for having revitalized the comics industry in Britain in the 1970s.

After working on several war titles, Mills developed morally ambiguous heroes including Nemesis the Warlock and the ABC Warriors. He continues to write dark science fiction series like Slaine and American Reaper, as well as several Doctor Who radio plays.

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