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Alexander's Journey

Alexander's Journey

The Light Side of Good

by Roger Mendoza
Publication Date: 04/04/2015
It's 1838. Alexander is working at a major New York bank. Martha is a college student pursuing her dreams atypical for a young woman of her time. After receiving some terrible news, she leaves college and is stalked briefly by an unsavory man named Thomas. She takes a job at the same bank where Alexander works. They fall in love, marry and start a family. When Alexander reads a pamphlet about moving to California (1842), he shares it with Martha. She worries that the journey west is perilous and hesitates to share something that might adversely affect the lives of all who would take the trip with them. Alexander wants the best for his family on their trip to California. Even if they reach California safely, Alexander's family may have one last rendezvous with the man from his and Martha's past that could bring the family to the brink of despair. Can the family remain intact until the very end? Alexander's Journey is the first in a book series: The E. B. Roberts Chronicles. This book series shares many of the same characters as My Little Cowboy which was a past-life remembrance. The author found the characters so intriguing that he decided to create fiction stories based on the people from that book. My Little Cowboy focused on the timeless relationship between the father and son. This story, Alexander's Journey focuses on the relationship between Alexander and his family and his journey through the fabric of life in the mid 1800's.
Crime & Mystery
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Romen Graphics
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United States
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