An Entity Observes All Things

An Entity Observes All Things

by Box Brown

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 13/05/2015

Stories of science fiction and mental exploration from Box Brown, New York Times-bestselling author of Andre the Giant: Life and Legend. Insightful character pieces with a range of topics. Each different story is highlighted with a variety of spot colors throughout. Stories include lizard aliens, New Physics as a new thought form, the adventures of electromages, a quest for the perfect waffle in a wasteland, lost Star Warrior robots, a cult built around social media, and the importance of pizza.
Graphic novels
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Big Planet Comics
Country of origin:
United States
Box Brown

Box Brown is an Ignatz Award-winning cartoonist, illustrator, and comic book publisher from Philadelphia. His books include the New York Times-bestselling Andre the Giant: Life and Legend and Tetris: The Games People Play. In 2011, Box Brown launched the independent comics publishing house, Retrofit Comics.

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