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Basic Personal Counselling 9ed

Basic Personal Counselling 9ed

A Training Manual for Counsellors

by David GeldardKathryn Geldard and Rebecca Yin Foo
Publication Date: 02/07/2021

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Basic Personal Counselling (BPC) is an easy-to-read introduction to counselling skills for both professional and volunteer counsellors, and workers in the helping professions.

This ninth edition of Basic Personal Counselling includes new content on self-care and the use of technology in counselling, as well as examples of counselling skills in practice. It encourages you to find ways of testing out your assumptions and discover if there is more that you could do or learn to improve and develop in your chosen career. Journaling, video recording with playback and reflecting team supervision are explained as opportunities to process and monitor your practice, along with easy-to-use templates to record your progress.  

Counselling & advice services
Publication Date:
Cengage Learning Australia
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9th Edition
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David Geldard

David Geldard worked for many years as a counselling psychologist in private practice, mental health and community health in Queensland. He specialised in counselling children, young people and their families.

Kathryn Geldard

Dr. Kathryn Geldard retired from teaching in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, at the University of the Sunshine Coast at the end of 2013. Kathryn was responsible for establishing the Master of Counselling and the Master of Counselling Practice programs, and prior to her retirement had extensive experience in mental health settings and private practice, initially working at the Phipps Clinic at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

Rebecca Yin Foo

Rebecca Yin Foo is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist who is experienced in providing psychological support for children with developmental disabilities and their families at the Cerebral Palsy League.

Her work has led her to take a high level of practical and academic interest in ways of working with children to promote optimal positive outcomes. She currently works in private practice in Brisbane, Australia. Prior to obtaining her honours degree in Psychology and Masters degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology she completed a Bachelor of Medical Engineering.

She has published a number of journal articles and presented conference papers nationally and internationally in relation to her studies in both Engineering and Psychology. She is the third author of the book, Counselling Children: A Practical Introduction.

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