Burning Fields

Burning Fields 2

by Alli Sinclair

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 21/05/2018

4/5 Rating 2 Reviews

Romeo and Juliet set in Queensland’s sugar cane fields in 1948, as the daughter of an Anglo-Australian family falls for an Italian immigrant against the wishes of her family.

1948 The world is struggling to regain a sense of balance after the devastation of World War II, and the sugar cane growing community of Piri River in northern Queensland is no exception.

As returned servicemen endeavour to adjust to their pre–war lives, women who had worked for the war effort are expected to embrace traditional roles once more.

Rosie Stanton finds it difficult to return to the family farm after years working for the Australian Women’s Army Service. Reminders are everywhere of the brothers she lost in the war and she is unable to understand her father’s contempt for Italians, especially the Conti family next door. When her father takes ill, Rosie challenges tradition by managing the farm, but outside influences are determined to see her fail.

Desperate to leave his turbulent history behind, Tomas Conti has left Italy to join his family in Piri River. Tomas struggles to adapt in Australia until he meets Rosie. Her easy–going nature and positive outlook help him forget the life he’s escaped. But as their relationship grows, so do tensions between the two families until the situation becomes explosive.

When a long–hidden family secret is discovered and Tomas’s mysterious past is revealed, everything Rosie believes is shattered. Will she risk all to rebuild her family or will she lose the only man she’s ever loved?

Paperback / softback
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Alli Sinclair

Alli Sinclair is Australian born but spent her early adult years traveling the globe: scaling mountains in Nepal, Argentina, and Peru, rafting the Ganges, and riding a camel in the Sahara.

She lived in Argentina and Peru and it was there her love of dance bloomed. When she wasn’t working as a tour guide, Alli could be found in the dance halls dancing the tango, salsa, merengue, and samba.

Alli now lives in Geelong, Victoria.

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  • Learning to live again in the post war canefields

    by on

    Burning Fields is a bit of a change of direction for Australian author Alli Sinclair in that it is set right here in Australia, in the time following World War II.

    Sinclair has taken a time of great upheaval for women and explored what this period meant, the war was over and many men were returning home; needing to adjust to life away from the war and often take back their pre-war jobs. Women who had stepped up during the war effort and worked were now expected to return to their traditional roles. Not all women were happy to step back into their previous roles.

    Rosie Stanton has been in Brisbane but an unexpected crumbling of the life she had built sees her return to the family farm in the small town of Piri River. She wants to help run the farm but some old-fashioned attitudes are difficult to shift now that the war is over.
    Burning Fields is a story that explores many of the issues faced in the post-war days from farming succession, love, loss, discrimination, the suspicion of those different to us, addiction, loyalty and family.

    Alli Sinclair has done it again, she has written a story that brings together two very different people, two very different places and two times that may only span 5 years but when it comes to times of war 5 years can be a lifetime.

    Burning Fields is a story that I really enjoyed, I liked the slow unfolding of the mysteries and I was firmly on the side of Rosie, cheering her on to get the position she so desperately wanted, and was perfect for.

    It was interesting to explore a post-war community that was on one hand quite multicultural but at the same time prejudiced.

    Burning Fields brings together very different worlds for healing, moving forward and new growth in the post-war canefields of northern Queensland. A story with a strong-willed and passionate heroine I couldn’t help but love

  • Burning Fields

    by on

    Another great read by Alli Sinclair giving a 1948 insight into the North Queensland cane fields, the variety of nationalities who worked them, some of whom had fled the war in Europe and their own countries. The Romeo/Juliet romance which brings to mind the question once again: why can't we celebrate our similarities instead of marking our differences. With my local cane fields beginning just a street or two away from me, this story had a significance to me and the amazing history I have learned since living in cane country. Loved it and recommend this book