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Danger Close

Danger Close

by James P. Sumner
Publication Date: 31/01/2022

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A storm is coming. The shadows are filled with enemies. GlobaTech Industries stands alone.

GlobaTech is hired by the president of Paluga, a small South American nation torn apart by civil unrest and military disputes. Fearing an escalation in violence, GlobaTech dispatches a large security force led by Jericho Stone to act as peacekeepers.

Then an unexpected attack leads to a true divide of both the citizens and the military. As Julie Fisher and Ray Collins work to track down those responsible for the attack, Jericho and the GlobaTech forces are grounded, trapped in Paluga between two sides of a military on the brink of civil war.

Elsewhere, Moses Buchanan has his own battles to fight. In the wake of the disaster in Paluga, GlobaTech's ability to represent the United Nations on a global scale is called into question. Stuck in a courtroom, Buchanan must fight to save the conglomerate from corporate destruction before his team find themselves with more enemies than they can handle.

An intelligent, politically-charged thriller, Danger Close is the unmissable third instalment of the critically-acclaimed GlobaTech series. Gripping and relentless, this is James P. Sumner at his very best. Perfect for fans of Mark Dawson, Andy Maslen, and Robert Ludlum.
Espionage & spy thriller
Publication Date:
Both Barrels Publishing Ltd.
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
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