Dark Entities 2nd Edition

Dark Entities 2nd Edition

by David Dunwoody

Publication Date: 05/01/2016

Hidden in the dark corners of our reality are the passages to spaces beyond. It is there that unfortunate souls come face to face with the horrors that move silently about us in everyday life. Take a breath, take a chance, and turn the page. David Dunwoody, the author of the novel Empire, presents strange and chilling tales in which there is no escape to be found - only confrontation with the dark entities of the author's imagination. Giant graveyard ghouls, rebellious demons chained eternally in Hell, ravenous shape-shifters on a lost island, and the specter of Death himself all await within the confines of this book to collect your soul. "Within the pages of Dark Entities you'll find a mix of artistic sensibility, extreme characters and gruesome horror - crafted with both skill and aptitude. The sentence structure is lean; the vivid imagery portrayed is not unlike the darkest work from Hieronymus Bosch. Look out world, David Dunwoody has arrived." - James Roy Daley, Author of The Dead Parade "It's easy to support the work of a writer you respect. But Dave Dunwoody's stories have turned me into a FAN." - Gregory Hall, ChoateRoad.com "Has the ability to resonate in your mind...A frightening experience." - Dr. Pus, "Library of the Living Dead" Podcast Dark Entities by David Dunwoody is the first book in the New Voices of Horror series. Dark Regions Press, one of the most respected publishers of horror fiction presents short story collections from new and outstanding horror and dark fantasy writers in the field.
Horror & ghost stories
Publication Date:
Dark Regions Press, LLC
Country of origin:
United States

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