Dead Famous: Scientists and Their Mind-Blowing Experiment

Dead Famous: Scientists and Their Mind-Blowing Experiment

by Mike Goldsmith and Clive Goddard

Publication Date: 01/12/2003

You've probably heard of a few scientists: Galileo Galilei and his telescope, Isaac Newton and his apple, and Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. But have you heard that Galileo was sentenced to life in prison for his shocking ideas about the solar system? That Newton wasn't all that keen on science - sometimes it got on his nerves? That Darwin wrote a book about his pet worms? Yes, even though they're dead, scientists are still full of surprises - and the nine in this book are more surprising than most. Now you can get the inside story from their lost notebooks, read the news reports as their breakthroughs hit the headlines, and find out all about their mind-blowing experiments!
Science & technology: general interest (Children's / Teenage)
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Mike Goldsmith

Dr. Mike Goldsmith is a research scientist and science writer.

He has written more than fifty books for children, including Eureka!.

He has been shortlisted twice for the Junior Aventis Science Prize.

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