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Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Hard Luck

Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Hard Luck 6

Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Book 8

by Jeff Kinney

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 06/11/2013

4/5 Rating 6 Reviews
RRP  $14.99 $13.35

Jeff Kinney's 8th book of this hilarious and highly successful series, and Greg Heffley and his friends now have a whole new set of adventures.

Greg Heffley's on a losing streak. His best friend, Rowley Jefferson, has ditched him, and finding new friends in middle school is proving to be a tough task. To change his fortunes, Greg decides to take a leap of faith and turn his decisions over to chance. Will a roll of the dice turn things around, or is Greg's life destined to be just another hard-luck story?

General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Paperback / softback
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8th Edition
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"In the publishing world, Kinney is rock star."
NPR's 'Backseat Book Club'

"Diary of a Wimpy Kid is bent on world domination."
Time Magazine

"One of the most successful children's series ever published."
Washington Post

"A big hit with reluctant readers and anyone looking for a funny book."
School Library Journal

Jeff Kinney

Jeff Kinney is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of the hugely popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. He's also a six-time Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award winner for Favourite Book.

Jeff has been named one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World. He is also the creator of Poptropica, which was named one of Time magazine's 50 Best Websites.

He spent his childhood in the Washington, D.C., area and moved to New England in 1995. Jeff lives with his wife and two sons in Massachusetts, where they own the bookstore, An Unlikely Story.

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Customer Reviews

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  • A fun and hilarious book!

    by on

    Hard luck may have hit Greg, but the same didnt brush off on Jeff Kinney as he has produced yet another excellent addition to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The eighth chapter in Greg Heffleys misadventures piles several unfortunate events in his life on top of each other. Rowley, his best friend and partner-in-crime has, in his mind, forsaken him by doing the unthinkablegetting a girlfriend. Now that Rowley is preoccupied, Greg has to deal with his unique case of separation anxiety. He somewhat moves on by taking up a new sidekick, Fregley, his peculiar and obviously desperate neighbour. Again, unfortunately, the new guy just isnt up to poor Gregs standards. Furthermore, Greg also has family issues on his platehis pesky cousins and his mums constantly bickering sisters have come for a visit. And if that wasnt enough, his slipping grades, his piling school work, and the menacing Mingo brothers are all out to get him. Yep, being Greg isnt easy, especially if you have to rely on a Magic 8-Ball to lead you to the right path.

    As noted earlier, Jeff Kinney still manages to weave his magic, eight books-deep into the series. Gregs struggle in coping with middle school life remains engaging, side-splitting, and thought-provoking. Its a great read for kids and adults alike, as there is plenty to enjoy here for both demographics. Simply put, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck is one of the most fun books that you can get your hands on this year.

  • Another great Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

    by on

    I heard this might be the last Wimpy Kid book by Jeff Kinney. I sure hope I heard wrong since The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck is a very entertaining read.

    At first, I felt bad that the protagonist Greg Heffly had a falling out with his best friend Rowley. Dont you just hate when something goes wrong? However, I do admire that Greg did not let this situation stop him from trying to enjoy his life. He did try to make new friends even if thats a hard thing to do when youre already in middle school.

    I also think that the book is aptly titled, as it showed just how much bad luck Greg was having. I guess his luck was really running out since he decided to let his magic 8 ball determine his future. What happens after each magic-8-ball-directed decision are hilarious parts of Gregs lifemoments that anybody would find interesting to read about.

    I also love that the author was able to tackle issues that middle school students confront during these yearsfriendship, girls, fame, and acceptance. For adult readers, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck can take them back to a time when they most likely experienced similar incidents. For young adults, the book can teach them how to deal and learn from Gregs misadventures.

    Another nice touch was the illustrations found throughout the story. I got the feeling that the book was written and illustrated with passion. Overall, the book is well-written; so much so that this book has several adult readers, as well as Jeff Kinney's many younger followers.

  • Delightful and entertaining Wimpy!

    by on

    Maintaining quality is never an easy feat. But somehow, Jeff Kinney is able to do just that even after six sequels to the original. Now on its eighth installment, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck is a step forward for our protagonist, Greg Heffley, while still being able to deliver a classic Wimpy Kid experience. As the title implies, Greg is down on his luck. First, his best friend, Rowley, decided to get himself a girlfriend. This didnt sit too well with our hero as he felt that he was abandoned by the Robin to his Batman. Of course, he went on to do what Batman wouldve done in the same situation: continue to kick butt and find a new sidekick. However, this doesnt exactly go the way that he pictured it in his mind. Feeling alone and having to deal with other troubles at school, Greg becomes one disgruntled wimpy kid. And if those werent enough (remember, Hard Luck is the title of this one), even his life at home is giving him a tough time. Well, I guess wimpin aint easy.

    Needless to say, the odds are stacked against the adorable-in-his-own-way middle schooler. For us readers though, this makes for a hilarious ride. Kinneys ability to delight and entertain is in full showcase hereyoull absolutely enjoy every page of the book. Yes, Greg may be growing up a bit, but Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck stays true to its roots and manages to be as excellent as the previous books.

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