Dr. Franklin's Staticy Cat

Dr. Franklin's Staticy Cat

And Other Unbelievable Tales

by Rolli

Publication Date: 30/08/2013

Rolli's first-ever collection of children's stories, with original illustrations! From ForeWord Reviews: *Highly Recommended* "Dr. Franklin's Staticy Cat is destined to resonate with kids who love science and clever storytelling techniques, and who need reassurance that it's okay (preferable even!) to be a little strange." "Here's the book's sensational lineup: " 1 Dr. Franklin's Staticy Cat - Was electricity invented, through a staticy cat, simply for the purpose of making ice cream more quickly? 2 Monty - Having a frustrating day? Jump on your elephant and suck everyone up. Simple as that! 3 Twylla and the Tiger - Featuring a nanny who's a witch, a tiger with an elevator in his tummy and a group of siblings who conquer it all. A story that's odd, clever and magnificent! 4 Bee-Girl - Buzzzzzzz, she's a bee. Hello, she's a girl. She's a bee-girl. Also, this story has honey and pancakes in it! 5 Sand - It's a do-or-die battle in a deep, dangerous sand pit. Between two vacuums... 6 Handsome and Pretzel - "YES, Handsome and Pretzel..." Forget about those other two. These kids have their own set of witch-related problems... 7 Christine - "There's a sweet fairy who visits every girl. Her name is Christine. It doesn't matter what the girl's name is. It could be April or Susan or even Penelope. The fairy's name is always Christine..." 8 The Symphoniscope - Everything in the world has music in it. Bricks, trash cans, trees....EVERYTHING. You just need the right tool to listen to it. You need a symphoniscope! 9 The Girl Who Lived in a Tree - She eats in a tree, sleeps in a tree and even jumps rope on the big branches. Find out why she went up there... 10 Quick and Mysterious - It's Race Day and a boy is counting on his flashy bike to be both quick AND mysterious. Because if he wins... WOW... just look at the size of that trophy... it's bigger than him! 11 Roly-Poly Fat Cat - "Roly-Poly Fat Cat, pretty please come back, back. I'll fill your dish with cream, if you'll wake up from your dream..." You can sing and plead as much as you want, little girl. But that cat's rolling away and he ain't coming back! 12 The Giggle Switch - This story teaches us that laughter is good for ideas. And the very best idea ever in the history of the world came about when an ENTIRE TOWN started cracking up from uncontrollable giggle fits... 13 The Stripity Cat - A Little Story for Short People - There's a cat on the moon chucking space rocks down on people's heads. And it's up to a group of kids to stop him... 14 Perfume - It's Paris, many centuries ago, and the streets are littered with tons of trash. Everything stinks. BADLY. But a wise chemist named Madame Blanc is about to solve the city's smelly problem. With the help of her purring companion, of course... 15 Spooky Man - Little Timmy Sweeting simply wants to get to sleep. However, a "prickly, catchy, scratching sound..." is keeping him wide awake. Surely... it's not. It couldn't... be... the Spooky Man. Could it? 16 This is Gonna be Easy - It's a crazy day down in sunny Columbia. So crazy, in fact, that a honey-beever has showed up. But clever, charming Andy Palolo still thinks everything's gonna be easy. We'll see about that! 17 Cativarious - 'Tis true, cats DO play the fiddle. And cats even MAKE fiddles too. If you don't believe that, read this story about Cativarious, one of the greatest Old Cat Masters who ever meowed... 18 Jemma's Castle - Jemma lives by herself on the Moon. It's lovely up there, but she's oh-so-lonely. Her favorite thing to do is watch the Earth rise each day. One day, her curiosity gets the better of her, and she decides she simply MUST visit that strange, beautiful,
Short stories (Children's / Teenage)
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United States
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