Fields of Summer Dreams

Fields of Summer Dreams

by Allan Sankirtan

Publication Date: 16/07/2013

If life is just a dream, can you change your life plan with awareness? Can you change the past-or the future? What if you knew the key to turn your Dreams into your living reality? Lost in a beautiful, lush garden, in a seductive and alluring dream, two young lovers meet-and discover the miracle that allows them to bring their love story to the real world: to make their dreams, quite literally, their living reality. In this, the sequel to Dreams with Dreams, Aidan and Effie confront their promises, their hopes, and their waking dreams for the future-and everything they think they know about themselves. Can they agree to change the dream with conscious awareness and write a new life plan...or are they fated to play out a script they have no conscious say in, blindly playing out the roles of their lives with unawareness? Can Aidan and Effie learn to interact consciously with other aspects of their total personality focused in alternate and parallel realities? Can they remember promises once made and consciously agree to explore them in a new way, thus reshaping both their so-called past and future? Can they use this information consciously to refocus their lives, thus realizing the inner blueprint of all they can possibly be? Allan Sankirtan's lifelong interest in dream interpretation and the symbology underpinning language, pictographs, and sacred art inspires his fiction. He currently lives in Australia.
Contemporary fiction
Publication Date:
Balboa Press
Country of origin:
United States
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