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From War Zones to Boardrooms

From War Zones to Boardrooms

Optimize the Moment When Strategic Planning Fails

by Martin Rust and Sarah Ratliff
Publication Date: 15/03/2024

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The world is turbulent, with wars, elections, divisions, and other challenges unfolding on our screens daily - directing the strongest headwinds to society and humanity. Our leaders face tough decisions at a time when the traditional tools and models no longer apply.From War Zones to Boardrooms: Optimize the Moment When Strategic Planning Fails was written for this reason: to challenge how we think about decision-making - for ourselves, our businesses and our organizations. We need to consider how to do things differently in this "new normal." Optimize the Moment isn't written by another "expert" preaching answers; it's about sharing powerful "Moments" and lessons learned from those who've navigated the toughest moments with grace and success. It's for those ready to embrace change, think differently and lead with courage in an unpredictable world.
Sociology: family & relationships
Publication Date:
Optimize the Moment
Country of origin:
United States
Sarah Ratliff

Sarah Ratliff is a writer, editor and ghostwriter living on her eco-organic farm in Puerto Rico.

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