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Gnostic Anthropology

Gnostic Anthropology 1

by Samael Aun Weor
Publication Date: 01/10/2016
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For centuries, humanity has been caught between science (evolutionism) and religion (creationism) fighting about our origin and purpose. Even though both sides have some truths, both are crippled by blind faith in theories, beliefs, and speculations that are short on facts, and abundant in contradictions and shortcomings. What if the truth about life " its origin, purpose, and future " could be found through the union of science and religion? What if, rather than relying on fanatics who only repeat what they have been told, one could learn to perceive and experience the truth for oneself? This is the essential point of view of Gnosis: knowledge from conscious experience. By awakening consciousness (which is oereligion ) to perceive reality as it is (which is oescience ), one can begin to see that our history is far more incredible than modern science or religion suspect. Based on this practical foundation, Gnostic Anthropology explains the evolution of humanity as symbolized in the ancient teachings. Rather than being the descendants of apes or of two divinely created people (and the incest of their children), we are the outcome of a very long and slow spiral cycle " evolution and devolution " whose pattern includes the rise and fall of civilizations faintly remembered in myths and scriptures, such as the stories of the universal flood, Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyperborea, Thule, etc. Just as a child resembles its parents but also is changed, humanity also resembles its parents, but with changes. In the birth and development of a single human being, we can find all the clues of our ancient origins. All we need to know is how to look in order to see the truth for ourselves. oeModern science insists upon the doctrine of evolution; so do human reason and the oeSecret Doctrine,  and the idea is corroborated by the ancient legends and myths, and even by the Bible itself when it is read between the lines. We see a flower slowly developing from a bud, and the bud from its seed. But whence the latter, with all its predetermined programme of physical transformation, and its invisible, therefore spiritual forces which gradually develop its form, colour, and odour? The word evolution speaks for itself. The germ of the present human race must have preexisted in the parent of this race, as the seed, in which lies hidden the flower of next summer, was developed in the capsule of its parent flower...  " H.P Blavatsky, oeIsis Unveiled,  Vol. I., p. 153
Science: general issues
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Glorian Publishing
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United States
3rd Edition
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A fascinating read, Samuel's views are extraordinary.

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