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Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay 1

by Helene Young
Publication Date: 22/05/2013
5/5 Rating 1 Reviews
Ellie Wilding has been running from her past, but when the residents of Half Moon Bay call for help she knows it's finally time to return home. As an international photojournalist, she's used to violence in war zones, but she's shocked when it erupts in the sleepy hamlet on the north coast of New South Wales, threatening all she holds dear. Battle-weary Nicholas Lawson walked away from his military career leaving unfinished business. In a coastal backwater, that decision returns to haunt him. He remembers all too vividly his last lethal assignment in Afghanistan when Ellie's sister, Nina, was shot and killed. Ellie's been in his dreams ever since, even if she doesn't remember him...As a storm rages and floodwaters rise, Ellie struggles to save her community. But who can she trust? Nick Lawson, the dangerously attractive stranger with secrets, or an old friend who's never let her down?
Contemporary fiction
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What I’m reading right now… I’m enjoying Season of Shadow and Light by Jenn J McLeod. It’s the third book in the Seasons series and I’m hooked!


My favourite book growing up… Anne of Green Gables captured my heart when I was stuck inside with a broken arm during school holidays. Anne and her quirky, feisty courage seemed so real – I wanted to fly to Canada immediately.


My all time favourite book is… Hungry as the Sea by Wilbur Smith – my copy is dog-eared from being reread…


The book I would recommend everyone to read... The Book Thief because it’s beautifully written, clever, insightful and moving.


The book I wish I wrote… I recently read the Hunger Games trilogy. It’s different, eerily prophetic and the writing is wonderful.


My guilty reading pleasure is… Historical romances – they’re my ‘go to’ stories when all I want to do is relax and escape – anything by Anna Campbell, Christina Brookes or Anne Gracie will do the trick!


The book on my bookshelf that I have never read… That would be the manual for the chart plotter onboard Roobinesque! I definitely subscribe to the ‘when all else fails read the manual!’


My book is... set in beautiful North Queensland – everyone should visit at least once in their lives!

I’ll never forget the first time I... flew an aircraft solo – awesome!

My favourite place is... aboard our home, a 40ft Lagoon catamaran called Roobinesque.

I regret... not recording my Dad’s life story before his memory failed.

I remember...diving into the Southern Ocean off the coast of Antarctica. I’ve never been so cold in my life.

The one piece of advice I should have listened to but didn’t... was study hard at school…

I love... the night sky in the outback or moored at an outer reef.

I hate... finding plastic rubbish floating in our oceans.

I wish... the world was a more tolerant place.

I can’t say no to... a request from a reader…

Yesterday, I... helped my Mum celebrate her 93rd birthday.

Helene Young

After 28 years as an airline captain in Australia, Helene Young has swapped the sky for the sea to go in search of adventure with her husband aboard their sailing catamaran.

The rural and remote places she visits, along with the fascinating people she meets, provide boundless inspiration for her novels. Her strong interest in both social justice and the complexity of human nature shapes the themes she explores. Her six novels have won many awards including Romantic Book of the Year in Australia.

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  • half moon bay

    by on

    half moon bay is one of the best books i have read

    i hope helene young makes more like this.