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How to Be a Supervillain: Bad Guys Finish First

How to Be a Supervillain: Bad Guys Finish First

by Michael Fry

CD-Audio Age range: + years old Publication Date: 07/05/2019

Victor Spoil realizes he's not cut out for life as a supervillain and instead decides to be...a librarian. Little does he know that librarians are a kick-butt secret society who will stop at nothing to control--and shush--the world It's time for Victor Spoil to hang up his cape. After trying to be the supervillain his diabolical parents always wanted, it's time he followed his own dream to become a librarian. As a nice guy who likes quiet and order, Victor knows he'll be happy reading books for the rest of his life.But when his library is suddenly attacked by robot ninjas and he sees his boss leap into battle, Victor learns that librarians are actually a secret league working to bring order to the whole world. It all sounds wonderful to Victor...until he finds out that his friends are planning to destroy the librarians' plan for peace. Who's right and who's wrong? Sometimes it's hard to tell if you're a good guy...or a supervillain.
Age range:
+ years old
Publication Date:
Little, Brown & Company
Country of origin:
United States
Michael Fry

Michael Fry was educated at Oxford and Hamburg. He has been a visiting fellow at Strathclyde and Brown universities, and held other international fellowships.

His books include Patronage and Principle, The Dundas Despotism and The Scottish Empire. A popular history, How the Scots Made America, was recently published in New York.

He has also written numerous articles and pamphlets on modern Scottish history. He has contributed to most major newspapers and has been a weekly columnist for The Scotsman, The Herald and The Sunday Times. He lives in Edinburgh.

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