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John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones

Maverick Hero

by Frank Walker
Publication Date: 01/03/2007
An associate of Benjamin Franklin and hero of the American War of Independence, John Paul Jones was the first captain to sail an American warship under an American flag and was instrumental in the creation of a coordinated naval force for the new republic. Across the Atlantic, the Scotch Renegade has a far less enviable reputation, being most commonly remembered as a privateer and villain due to his daring raids on British ports. Frank Walker charts the career of this rugged individualist, from his beginnings as a young naval apprentice in the Scottish port of Whitehaven and initial voyages aboard slave ships; to his commission as an American naval officer who led an attack on this very port and continued to harass British shipping interests as part of the effort to bring the War of Independence to a close. His battle off Flamborough Head remains the longest continuous naval engagement in British naval history. An extraordinary interlude saw Jones fighting for Russias Catherine the Great against the Turks. 125 years after his death, his body was exhumed from an obscure grave in Paris and at the behest of Theodore Rooosevelt placed in an extravagantly decorated sarcophagus at Annapolis. Interrogating numerous contemporary sources, this book gives an accurate and balanced account of the life of this controversial and fascinating character.
Naval forces & warfare
Publication Date:
The History Press Ltd
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
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Frank Walker

Frank Walker is a veteran journalist. His newspaper roles have included being chief reporter for the Sun-Herald covering defence, veterans' affairs, national security and terrorism.

He's also worked on the Sydney Morning Herald, the National Times, for News Limited in New York, and for Deutsche Welle international radio in Germany.

In 2009, Hachette published his first book, The Tiger Man of Vietnam the remarkable true story of the secret war of Captain Barry Petersen in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

It was a bestseller. Frank followed this with his bestselling Ghost Platoon in 2012, Maralinga in 2014 and Commandos in 2015. He lives in Sydney with his family.

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