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King Lion

King Lion

And the Lions of Zion

by Professor of Religious Studies John Powers
Publication Date: 01/07/2009
Something incredibly peculiar has just transpired in the world of super action heroes. Until now, they would usually fight against evil villains in the visible physical realm and they would typically obtain their supernatural strength through some bizarre happenstance. THE BATTLE IS SPIRITUAL and it is to be fought in the unseen realm of the spirit. This is how these five super action warriors roll and the way they obtained their supernatural strength was no mishap. From the beginning of time, these mighty warriors from the ancient Israeli tribe of Gad were destined to fulfill two great and timely plans. The first has been achieved. The second and final strategic plan was to commence in the year 2009 A.D. This is the appointed time and this is the chosen generation that will meet these mighty Gaddite warriors; better known as the Lions of Zion. The Lions of Zion are back to balance the books of justice. King Lion, who portrays God, is their overseer in this new and exciting Christian novel series. Even though these characters were fictionally created, you can be sure that their message isn't. The storyline is a present day prophetic word for the church, which is what makes the read so awesome. In 1993, God transitioned John Powers from being a specialist in the physical realm of fitness training to the nonphysical (soul and spirit). John had no expertise in this area, but through revelations and open visions, God trained and equipped him. John's passion is to use the prophetic calling that God has placed on his life to fitly frame the body of Christ and to restore unity back into the church. John lives with his wife Carol in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Christian life & practice
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Xulon Classic
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United States
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