Life in the Fasting Lane

Life in the Fasting Lane

How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle - and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health

by Dr Jason FungEve Mayer and Megan Ramos

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 15/04/2020

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Real-life advice and guidelines to take the guesswork and the fear out of fasting from Dr Jason Fung, Eve Mayer and Megan Ramos.

Intermittent fasting-restricting calorie intake for a prescribed number of hours for a set number of days-offers wide-ranging health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to reducing risk factors for diseases like diabetes and cancer, to promoting longevity and increasing cognitive function.

But for many people, the idea of a long-term intermittent fasting lifestyle remains confusing. What is the best method? Do you need to fast every day? What do you do on non-fasting days? How can you fast and prepare family meals or go on business lunches-or when you get hungry if you don't eat regularly?

Life in the Fasting Lane is the guide to fasting that everyone has been waiting for. The book sets three initial goals: Start Your Fasting Engine, Find Your Fasting Lane, and Win the Race. Each goal is broken down into ten manageable steps; readers can begin with one or two steps per day and progress at their own pace. For example, skipping breakfast may be tough for people who are used to eating cereal and toast every morning. Others might already skip breakfast, and can jump ahead to skipping lunch. Fung, Ramos, and Mayer know every person's physiological and psychological response to food restriction is different, and they're here to help readers find the tools and strategies that will work best for them.

Life in the Fasting Lane combines Mayer and Ramos' years of personal experience with Dr. Fung's clinical experience to create a life-changing guide to developing a sustainable and beneficial fasting routine.

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Paperback / softback
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Hay House UK Ltd
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United Kingdom
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Dr Jason Fung

Dr. Jason Fung, M.D. is a physician, author, and researcher. His ground-breaking books, The Diabetes Code, The Obesity Code and The Complete Guide to Fasting have challenged the conventional wisdom that diabetics should be treated with insulin. He is also the co-founder of the Intensive Dietary Management Program, North America's leading clinic for weight loss and reversing Type 2 Diabetes with fasting. His work has been cited by CNN, TIME, the Atlantic, Forbes, The Toronto Star and more.

Eve Mayer

Eve Mayer is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur recognized by Forbes as one of the most influential women in social media. After decades of struggling with obesity and reaching 300lbs, she discovered fasting and changed her life. Eve speaks worldwide on social media, digital marketing, company values, and women's empowerment.

Megan Ramos

Megan Ramos is a clinical researcher and has worked with Dr. Fung since 2003. She co-founded the Intensive Dietary Management Program with him after being diagnosed with diabetes. Megan has counseled patients in Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa, and all over the United States and Canada. She has spoken at multiple conferences including KetoCon, KetoFest, and CanFitPro World Fitness Expo.

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