Medar 6

by Sharon Manssen

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 20/09/2017

5/5 Rating 6 Reviews
RRP  $23.50 $22.95

Freya is half blind, poor and lives in land-locked Medar. An unlikely heroine. So when she finds a mysterious tablet telling her about a beautiful land beyond the Wall free from the evil Master, she doesn't think anybody will believe her.

The same day, her family learns they have been selected to live in the Golden City, ruled over by the Master. But instead of entering the City with her family, Freya instead finds herself condemned to death by the Guards. At the last minute Freya is rescued by an invisible Watcher.

What follows is an incredible journey, pursued by guards, that takes Freya to the very edge of the only world she has ever known. Will she unlock the clues hidden in the tablet? The key to the long lost path to Tyrelia - and freedom - is in her hands.

Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Ark House Press
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  • it's a must read

    by on

    :: Spoiler Alert ::

    Medar, the first book in the Realm Trilogy; it’s a roller coaster ride of challenges and setbacks, but also with persistence, triumph. The book tells the story of a young girl with the strength of will to overcome obstacles in pursuit of her goal. This is a powerful and positive message for us all – you can overcome obstacles regardless of age, gender, physical impairment or social status; but you have to want to.
    The central character, Freya was adopted at birth when her mother was taken at the bidding of the Evil Master. She was injured as a young child. Scarred and partially blind, she courageously overcomes hurdles in early life. Freya is a curious explorer, discovers a mystical tablet and perseveres to unlock its secrets and reveal its hidden messages.
    Freya’s family live in a land surrounded by a deep chasm & beyond that a high wall. Local tales say these barriers are impenetrable; no-one knows what is beyond. Family fortunes seem to take a turn for the better when they are selected to enter the golden city, but Freya is not accepted and instead is taken away to the pit. Her family assume she is dead, but find she is still alive when they see her face on wanted posters. Freya has escaped the Pit and with the help of the Watchers, pushes on to find out what is beyond the chasm & the wall.

  • An excellent start to the series

    by on

    I really enjoyed reading Medar and so did my teenage children. It was refreshing to have a gutsy heroine who does not fit the beautiful norms of what society expects everyone to look like. Medar was a thought provoking escape from reality. I am looking forward to next book in the series!

  • Didn't put it down!

    by on

    I didn't think this genre of book would be for me but this was a really great read! Hardly put it down, fast paced and engaging. Would recommend to any age group. Looking forward to the next in the series!

  • The prefect gift

    by on

    I bought a copy of the book Medar for my teenage niece, she loved it and had this to say "The book Medar is a capturing book, it has elements of a fantasy and mystery. Once I started reading it I could not put it down with the end setting up nicely for a possible sequel (I hope)" E Kershaw (age 15)

  • Captivating

    by on

    Amazing book from a first time author. I highly recommend it for the teens in your life. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  • An exciting read

    by on

    :: Spoiler Alert ::

    Really enjoyed reading Medar and eargerly await the next book in this series. The story draws you in. I liked the Freya character because she wasn’t the standard “pretty and strong” heroine that most books have. The themes that run through the story make you think and consider your own views. An enjoyable read for the tweenage (although as an adult I enjoyed it). The writer has clearly done her homework- especially with the wrestling:-)

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