Messy Maths

Messy Maths

A Playful, Outdoor Approach For Early Years

by Juliet Robertson

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 30/08/2017

The world is a mathematical place. The natural and built worlds provide dynamic and constantly changing environments, offering an endless supply of patterns, textures, colours, quantities and other attributes that underpin much of the necessary early maths experiences. Children need lots of physical experiences that embody what maths is all about. For example, how much easier is it to understand the concept of weight if you can repeatedly lift, move and carry a range of heavy and light objects? Being outside makes maths real. In the classroom, maths can seem disconnected from everyday experience. Real maths is really messy. Aside from mud pies and puddles, the cognitive processes involved mean it is not a smooth linear pathway of learning but rather an interconnected network. Lots of playing and activity along the way is a must. Messy Maths is packed full of activities to encourage children to learn through hands-on experience. Suitable for early years educators (of ages 36).
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Crown House Publishing
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United States
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