No Turning Back

No Turning Back

by Marcus Sakey

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 01/11/2010

In Marcus Sakey s fourth thriller, four friends, who dream of better lives, have one chance to change everything. lex works in a bar, he s divorced and struggling to make childcare payments. His boss, Johnny, is a small time drug dealer and crook.Jenn works in a travel agency and dreams of the holidays she books for others that she could never afford.Mitch is the quiet one who dreams of proving himself, of being the big man and of impressing Jenn.Ian is the city high-flier with the drug problem, the gambling debts and very little time to come up with the money.In a time when CEOs steal millions while their employees watch savings dwindle, these four are tired of the honest approach. They've decided to stop waiting and start taking. hey come up with the perfect crime; to rip-off Alex s boss. The only people to get hurt will be a drug dealer and his supplier, and the friends will get clean away who would ever suspect four average, middle-class people? All of their problems will be solved.But a supposedly victimless crime has become a bloody nightmare. People have been killed. Ruthless men pursue them. Tensions they thought long-extinguished are flaring. As their world unravel
Thriller / suspense
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Transworld Publishers Ltd
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Dimensions (mm):

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