NYPD Red 1

by James Patterson

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 03/06/2013

2/5 Rating 1 Reviews
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It's the start of the Hollywood on Hudson film festival, and New York City is swept up in the glamour. There's a red carpet premiere every night; the most exclusive restaurants are filled with wealthy producers and pre-eminent directors; and thousands of fans gather with the paparazzi, hoping to catch a glimpse of the most famous and beautiful faces in the world. With so many celebrities in town, special task force NYPD Red is on high alert - and it can't afford to make a single mistake.

Then a world-renowned producer fatally collapses at his power breakfast, and top NYPD Red Detective Zach Jordan is the first one on the scene. Zach works with his beautiful new partner, Detective Kylie MacDonald - who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend - to discover who the killer might be. But this is only the beginning- the most brutal, public, and horrifyingly spectacular crimes they've ever encountered are about to send all of New York into chaos, putting NYPD Red on the ropes.

Zach and Kylie know there's no way of telling what a killer this deranged will do next. With the whole world watching, they have to find a way to stop a psychopath who has scripted his finale down to the last explosive detail.
Thriller / suspense
Paperback / softback
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United Kingdom
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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

2 / 5 (1 Ratings)
  • Save your reading time for something more worthwhile

    by on

    NYPD Red is another book with James Pattersons name on the cover, most likely written by the co-writer, Marshall Karp. Plot summary: a crazy movie extra with delusions of being an actor/director decides to take out his frustrations on the actors and directors who are visiting the Big Apple for a Hollywood on the Hudson promotion, thus becoming a serial killer. NYPD Red, the department created to look after elite New Yorkers, is on the case. As usual, short chapters (maximum 4 pages, less half a page for each chapter intro) which allow for almost no character development results in cardboard characters. There is an obligatory profiler, and of course, all the characters are gorgeous. Some of the action borders on slap-stick and the dialogue is uninspiring: boring and clichd; the only exceptions were two passages which might elicit a laugh: page 125 This is an old white guy, Rafe said. I told them other cops that the busboy was a young Latino. Yes, sir, Dobrin said. But imagine that this is a disguise. Lets say the white hair is a wig. Now imagine that the busboy was also wearing a disguise. Do you see any similarities between the two of them you know, like height, build, bone structure? and page 155 where Lexi gives away Gabes identity to the guy they are robbing. Oh! Now Ive given you the best bits, you wont need to read the book! Save your reading time for something more worthwhile.

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