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Private: No. 1 Suspect

Private: No. 1 Suspect 1

(Private 4)

by James Patterson

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 01/02/2013

3/5 Rating 1 Reviews
Unsolvable cases Since former US Marine Jack Morgan started Private, it has become the world's most effective investigation firm - sought out by the famous and the powerful to discreetly handle their most intimate problems. Private's investigators are the smartest, the fastest, and the most technologically advanced in the world - and they always uncover the truth. Impossible murders When his former lover is found murdered in his bed, Jack Morgan is instantly the number one suspect. While Jack is under police investigation and fighting to clear his name, the mob strong-arms him into recovering $30 million in stolen pharmaceuticals for them. And the beautiful owner of a chain of luxury hotels persuades him to quietly investigate a string of murders at her properties. The number one suspect is Jack Morgan With Jack and his team streatched to breaking point, one of his most trusted colleagues threatens to leave Private, and Jack realises he is facing his biggest challenge yet. With more action, more intrigue, and more twists than ever before, Private- No. 1 Suspect is James Patterson at his unstoppable best.
Thriller / suspense
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

3 / 5 (1 Ratings)
  • an OK read

    by on

    Private No.1 Suspect is the second book in the Jack Morgan series by James Patterson. At first sight I thought that, wonder of wonders, Patterson had done this one all by himself. But then I noticed in very faint print at the bottom of the front cover, Maxine Paetros name. So, co-written, once again. Private Investigations, Jack Morgans very exclusive investigation firm, is handling several cases: a Mafia boss wants Private to find his hijacked shipment of prescription drugs; a hotel owner wants Private to find the person who is garrotting male guests; a movie producer wants Private to keep his young star out of trouble with young girls; and, at the top of Jack Morgans list is finding who murdered his colleague and ex-lover, Colleen Molloy, in Jacks bedroom with his own gun, a crime for which he is the number one suspect. There is plenty of action in the form of fisticuffs, gunplay and car chases, some jail time and court-room scenes, some not-terribly-clever detective work, a bit of double-crossing the Mob and a rather bizarre confrontation with Jacks evil twin brother, Tommy. Pattersons trade-mark short chapters mean about 300 pages of reading in a 400-page book. An OK read.