Raisins and Almonds

Raisins and Almonds 1

Phryne Fisher's Murder Mysteries 9

by Kerry Greenwood

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 01/06/2002

4/5 Rating 1 Reviews
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In investigating the poisoning of a young man in a bookshop at the Eastern Market, and the wrongful arrest of one Miss Sylvia Lee, Phryne Fisher is plunged into a world of Jewish politics, alchemy, poison and chicken soup.

Stopping only for a brief, but intensely erotic, dalliance with the beautiful Simon Abrahams Phryne picks her way through the mystery with help from the old faithfuls - Bert, Cec, Dot and Detective Inspector 'Call Me Jack' Robinson. But ultimately it is her stealth and wit which solve the crime - and all for the price of a song. . . .
Crime & Mystery
Paperback / softback
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Kerry Greenwood

Kerry Greenwood has written thirteen novels in the Phryne Fisher series, the most recent being The Castlemaine Murders (2003).

She is also the author of The Childstone Cycle, Cassandra, Recipes for Crime (with Jenny Pausacker) and has edited The Things She Loves, a collection of essays about women who kill.

Kerry has worked as a folk singer, factory hand, director, producer, translator, costumer-maker, cook and also works for Victoria Legal Aid as an advocate in the Magistrates' Courts.

She is not married, has no children and lives with four cats and an accredited Wizard. In her spare time, she stares blankly out of the window. And she has no idea where she gets her ideas from.

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Customer Reviews

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4 / 5 (1 Ratings)
  • another Greenwood winner

    by on

    Raisins and Almonds is the ninth novel in the popular Phryne Fisher series by Kerry Greenwood. With her lover Lin Chung in Shanghai, Phryne is enjoying the attentions of a beautiful Jewish boy, Simon Abrahams. But soon, his father summons her, not to reproach, but to hire her to solve a murder. Benjamin Abrahams tenant, Miss Sylvia Lee, has been arrested for murder when a young Jew from Salonika dies of strychnine poisoning in her Eastern Market bookshop. Everyone who knows Miss Lee is convinced she is innocent, but DI Jack Robinson has no other suspect, so Phryne has to find the murderer if Miss Lee is to go free. Plenty of curious clues (a cut finger, missing rat poison, some unsaleable books, old parchment drawings with unknown symbols, mystery customers, poisoned birds) soon have Phryne on the trail of the murderer. As usual, she has the capable assistance of Bert and Cec, but this time Dot takes on a much bigger detection role than usual, and even Phrynes adopted daughters, Ruth and Jane, are enlisted to gather information. The Jewish aspect means lots of references to, and interesting information about, the Torah, Kosher food, Rabbis and Zionist politics, but alchemy and the Kabala are also touched on. There are quite a lot of Yiddish words, so a handy Yiddish glossary appears at the end. An interesting plot with a few red herrings, but, as usual, Phryne manages to tie up all the loose ends with style and panache. Another Greenwood winner.