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Red Queen

Red Queen 1

by Honey Brown
Publication Date: 28/03/2011
5/5 Rating 1 Reviews
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Deep in the Australian bush, Shannon Scott is holed up in a cabin with his brother, Rohan, waiting out the catastrophic effects of worldwide disease and a breakdown of global economies. After months of isolation, Shannon imagines there's nothing he doesn't know about his older brother, or himself - until a mysterious woman slips under their late-night watch and past their loaded guns.

Denny Cassidy is beautiful and a survivor. Her inclusion into cabin life brings about the need for a new set of rules. Soon the brothers begin to look to her as a source of comfort, hope and intimacy . . . Or is her warmth just a trap? Could she actually be a cold tactician, a woman with a deadly agenda?

'Two brothers, one woman and a virus make Red Queen, an Australian apocalyptic novel, a compelling read.' Sunday Tasmanian

'Riveting, atmospheric and tautly written, Red Queen is a remarkable debut.' Michael Robotham

Red Queen is a cracker of a thriller.' Vogue

'These characters are superbly drawn and Brown's manipulation of her stylish, erotic, unusual cinematic story firmly places this novel into the welcome league of the must-reads.' Courier Mail

'A prevailing mood of menace and threat in a frightening world make this first book a promising debut for HM Brown.' Sunday Telegraph
Thriller / suspense
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5 / 5 (1 Ratings)
  • A brilliant debut novel!

    by on

    “We did not touch. It had become automatic the minute the virus had landed on Australian soil. It wasn’t a spoken rule; arms could brush, shoulders could bump, and accidental skin contact was repellent but forgiven, but conscious touch – fingertips, a warm hand, a face too close – it just went without saying. Personal space had shrivelled to a hard nut so far inside each body even your own hand on your skin could seem unwanted”

    Red Queen is the first novel by Australian author, Honey Brown. Shannon Scott and his older brother Rohan are living in an isolated cabin in the bush. As they wait out the effects of the Red Queen virus that has decimated the population and destroyed the social order, they guard what they have. Shannon tries to follow Rohan’s often arbitrary (and seemingly paranoid) rules with mixed success.

    He is so starved of distraction, of company, that, when a woman manages to evade their guard, he is, in his naiveté, more excited than worried. Rohan grudgingly allows Denny Cassidy to stay. She manages to get under his guard, but he is still wary, despite the intimacy she provides. Is Denny a genuine solitary survivor, or does she have her own agenda?

    Brown uses young Shannon as her narrator, and, giving the reader events from his (perhaps somewhat gullible) perspective, creates an ominous “this can’t end well” feeling. Brown conveys the Australian bush with consummate ease, as well as effectively rendering the tension between characters: “We were silent. The night was like a held breath; I thought how it might never exhale”. Post-apocalyptic novels are common, but Brown’s has a distinct Aussie flavour, builds up to a heart-thumping climax, and has a twist or two to keep things interesting. A brilliant debut novel!