by Michael James

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 01/03/2009

UK General Election night 2007. Deep in the graveyard shift at his Newcastle office, rookie journalist George Halloran gets the first inkling of the story of his career. The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, just off the Northumbrian coast, has declared secession. This geographical microdot of 150 residents has opted out of a Britain in terminal decline. George heads north 50 miles to the action, and as he delves into the background begins to realise that the islanders have a point - quite a few, in fact. They believe their heritage is at risk - a heritage rich in Christian history - and they don't intend to let it happen. As he meets the new First Minister, a former merchant banker who is funding the action, George begins to compare the community spirit on the island with concepts like social cohesion and multiculture in the UK. He quickly realises he has the makings of a story of global dimensions. With a mixture of fact, humour, cynicism and political incorrectness, Secession explores the state of Britain today from the standpoint of a small island community which has had enough of it.
Contemporary fiction
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Tyne Green
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
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Michael James

Michael and Pippa James run the successful Tivoli Road Bakery in Melbourne's South Yarra.

Michael is an accomplished chef and baker, who grew up in Penzance, West Cornwall before moving to London, where he met Pippa over the pass at the two-Michelin starred restaurant Pied à Terre.

They moved to Australia in 2004, and opened the Tivoli Road Bakery in 2013..

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