Sons Of The Southern Cross

Sons Of The Southern Cross 1

rebels, revolutions, Anzacs and the spirit of Australia's fighting flag

by Grantlee Kieza

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 16/12/2013

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From Eureka to Ned Kelly, from Gallipoli to the birth of the ALP to the Cronulla riots, the Southern Cross flag has been the symbol for a rebellious Australian spirit. Here, the good, bad and the ugly stories of a succession of renegades.

Ever since it was launched in the minefields of Victoria the Southern Cross flag has been a symbol for a rebellious Australian spirit - from the battles of Eureka to those of Ned Kelly, from the birth of the Labor Party to the Anzacs at Galliopoli. the men and women involved took the flag as their symbol. But as much as it became a metaphor for anti-establishment heroics, the flag also had a darker side; xenophobia, racism, intolerance and violence. Grantlee Kieza tells the story of the flag through the stories of the people who fought under it, the miners, the soldiers, the bushrangers, the journalists and politicians, who shaped Australia. He takes readers from the slums of Ireland to the goldfields of Victoria, and then on to the courtrooms, pubs and hideouts where revolutions were hatched. through the raw and impassioned characters trying to make a life in a new nation, he brings Australia's renegade history vividly to life.
History: specific events & topics
Paperback / softback
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ABC Books
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Grantlee Kieza

Award-winning journalist Grantlee Kieza has held senior editorial positions at The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and The Courier-Mail.

He is a Walkley Award finalist and the author of twelve acclaimed books, including the recent bestsellers Bert Hinkler: The Most Daring Man in the World, Sons of the Southern Cross and Monash.

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  • Brilliant and Challenging

    by on

    This book will change your thinking in relation to the Flag of the Southern Cross. Kieza has taken the lives of some well known names over the last century or so and woven their names into a rich tapestry of history and facts, which are well supported. Your emotions will go from outrage to tearful joy, to disbelief that these things happened in Australia in only the last 100 years. It will acquaint you with the fact that here in Australia we had people drawn and quartered. That we had incompetent public servants that were rewarded for their incompetence.

    Truly a book that is a must read!