Stay on Message

Stay on Message

The Spin Doctor's Guide to Effective and Authentic Communication

by Paul Ritchie

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 01/12/2010

The spin doctor's guide to effective and authentic communication Stay on Message reveals the simple yet powerful tools that will allow you to communicate effectively and authentically in a world with unlimited media possibilities. Every day, these tools are used to influence and impact the coverage of events all around the world. Yet for the most part, the principles of context, narrative, framing and the media cycle are hidden from the very people they are seeking to influence. Paul Ritchie draws from his experience working with organisations such as the National Rugby League, the Australian Olympic Committee and national political leaders to detail how you, too, can use these principles to communicate your message. Stay on Message details: * What actually drives the news cycle * How to frame a message and create a personal narrative * How to actively promote or explain your message * The most common mistakes made by people in a crisis * What the rise of the citizen journalist means for organisations * Why the rise of Facebook and Google will make spin doctors even more influential than ever before.
Stay on Message explains how you can use the secrets of modern spin doctors to be a more effective and authentic communicator at home, in the workplace and in the community. For further information, visit
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Paperback / softback
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Fontaine Press
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