StoryBranding 2. 0

StoryBranding 2. 0

Creating Stand-Out Brands Through the Power of Story

by Jim Signorelli

Paperback Publication Date: 18/08/2017

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StoryBranding 2.0 is a revision of the award-winning, internationally celebrated book on the original StoryBranding(TM) brand-planning process. Having won numerous awards since it was first published in 2012, it is regarded as the seminal book on branding for entrepreneurs and privately-held companies.

This book's biggest contribution is provided through examples and step-by-step instructions on how to avoid the single-biggest cause of marketing failure. This mistake is described as the myopic focus business owners give to selling a better mousetrap while ignoring what's needed to establish a better brand.

If you're selling a product or service, you probably already know how important it is to clearly communicate its unique problem-solving abilities. However, when it comes to marketing, unique benefits, like perishable fruit, have expiration dates. No doubt, right now somebody somewhere is probably trying to figure out how to "out-benefit" your offering.

But having a strong brand is like owning competitive threat insurance. It has been proven, time after time, the more a brand emotionally resonates with a given audience, the more likely success. In essence, this book provides a proven roadmap on how to get there.

StoryBranding 2.0 was not written by a novelist who decided that a similar discipline could be applied to marketing products and services, aka "story brands." Instead, it provides a practical, relevant, and time-tested short-cut to the long road a highly successful advertising executive has traveled.

Library Journal

Advertising executive Signorelli was tired of the traditional approach to his craft, which he feels resulted in soulless hyperbole and mindless drivel. When preparing for a client meeting, he had an epiphany. Rather than doing a traditional brief for the client, identifying its brand's unique selling proposition, he wrote a story: a first-person narrative told from the prospective customer's point of view. Customers have problems they want solved, and their stories provide clues to understanding how the brand can solve them. Signorelli compares the "storybranding" process, which helps brands understand themselves, to the way stories teach us about the people in them. VERDICT Since advertising is, among other things, about building and nurturing relationships between the brand and the customer, the timeless tradition of storytelling is a natural approach to facilitate the process. Signorelli skillfully coaches his readers through understanding a brand's core values and aligning them to customers' needs. While branding and advertising books are a dime a dozen, the author's original approach and competent storytelling skills serve his topic well. -Carol Elsen, (c) Copyright 2012. Library Journals LLC,

"It is almost too good to be true that this book has finally been written. Jim Signorelli blends years of wisdom with the magic of story in a format that is so accessible it makes me cry that I didn't have it twenty years ago" --Annette Simmons, Bestselling author of Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins and The Story Factor

"Jim Signorelli masterfully decodes brand storytelling without ever going astray from the business conversation. Therein lies his genius. He remains grounded in a story we can all relate to: delivering a functional framework for how brands can speak truth. An essential must-read." --Michael Margolis, president, Get Storied; author of Believe Me

"All marketers should read Jim's book, especially those who haven't embraced storytelling. It not only drives home the efficacy of storytelling, but also offers a roadmap for leveraging this tool to uniquely communicate the human essence of a brand. Thought provoking and useful book." --Dennis Dunlap, CEO, American Marketing Association

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