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Testing the Drink

Testing the Drink

by Kevin Connelly
Publication Date: 01/06/2004
I present to you a cup, filled to the brim with vignettes composed to whittle the mind! A musician harrows hell to find his wife and his hidden talents! As a man buries his mother, he hallucinates her nagging or does he? Black holes are likened to killie traps! A warrior plants the snakes from the slain Medusa's scalp! A summation of James Joyce's Ulysses in limerick form! Columbus reimagined as a Saturday morning cartoon! A secret society's member is torn over his role in a friend's assassination! A sneaker obsession is confessed! A myope frustratingly relishes in his misery! Death claims the innocent in a cornfield! A riddle concerning billiards and rabbits! God's chilling motives revealed! Hypnotic rap songs! A shanty fisherman soliloquizes his martyrdom inside a dead whale's bowels! And of course Ten O'clock Jokes! So raise your glasses, clear your throats, and join me in Testing the Drink!
Publication Date:
PublishAmerica, Incorporated
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United States
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