The Encyclopedia of Cooking Skills and Techniques

The Encyclopedia of Cooking Skills and Techniques

by Norma MacMillan

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 02/04/2018

Whether you are a complete novice or an occasional dabbler, whether you merely need a little help with a tricky technique or want to improve your skills, this book reveals the secrets of successful cooking. All the basics are explained, including how to peel tomatoes, cook rice, make scrambled eggs, line a flan tin, roast a chicken, cut up a mango, make a sponge cake, and knead bread dough. You can follow the step-by-step photographs and create delicious meals with confidence, and the wealth of recipe ideas will enable you to perfect the skills you are learning. If you want to achieve fabulous, tasty results, this book will help you every step of the way. An accessible, comprehensive guide, this wonderful manual of basic and more advanced cooking skills and techniques is clearly and simply presented with step-by-step photographs and over 200 recipes and variations. It explains how to bread fish for frying, butterfly a chicken, make gravy, clarify butter, peel tomatoes, mince garlic, cook rice, melt chocolate, toast nuts, line a tart pan, make a sponge cake, knead bread dough, and much more. Every technique is used in exciting example recipes to try them out, from simple soups to tasty main courses and dramatic desserts. The book includes classic techniques, handy tips for coping with tricky procedures, and modern innovations - so you can choose the most effective methods for every task.
Cookery / food & drink etc
Paperback / softback
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Anness Publishing
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United Kingdom
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