The Highly Sensitive's Guide to the Sensory Psychic Chakras

The Highly Sensitive's Guide to the Sensory Psychic Chakras

Upgrade Your Sensory Anatomy to Navigate and Succeed in a Non-Sensitive World

by Myra Sri

Paperback Publication Date: 13/05/2017

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At such a significant time in Earth's history, many are becoming consciously aware of the shifts and changes that are taking place that humanity and the Planet herself are facing right now. The Ocean-storms of frequencies, emotions, intentions and energetic overwhelm can be very daunting to the Highly Sensitive as well as to practitioners working with energy, guidance and healing.

We may be conscious of the impacts, and gaining awareness on how we can keep ourselves and our energy clearer. But few know of the new and timely anatomy that allows us to take personal control, and gives us a map to our own personal sensory energetic structure.

The human energetic anatomy has been quietly updating and evolving. Times change and new frequencies require new systems, new structures. As yet we have still not fully installed, engaged nor activated these.

What are these upgrades? What purpose do they serve? These questions, and many more are answered in this book.

The New Sensory Psychic Chakras and its subtle body anatomy are identified, explained, illustrated and shared for any Light Seeker, Sensitive, Empath, Psychic, Energy Worker.

If you knew how to clear your sensory Chakras, if you knew how to recharge them and keep them clear of toxic energies, people and debris, if you knew where they were on the body, around the head and what to look for, what difference would that make in your life?

If you knew if others had hooked into a Psychic Gateway Chakra in order to control you or your life, then how powerful would it be to reclaim and manage your own anatomy, your own personal guidance system? Or to help others to identify and clear their own?

It is not just negative or unaware people that can affect us, but unseen impacts such as Radionics, Media Subliminals, a range of chemicals and neurotoxins, affairs happening in other parts of the world, controllers attempting to restrain Light Bringers ... Once you know what affects you and where, you become empowered.

As part of the New Evolved Chakras, our new and updated sensory apparatus, the New Psychic Body anatomy, equips us to ride out the energies well into the future... It is time to take back control of your life and your own unique Sensory constitution.

If you have found this book, then it may well be that you are ready to begin a journey like no other. One that will take you into a new knowing of yourself and of your energetic and subtle body anatomy.

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