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The New Alpha Male

The New Alpha Male

How to Win the Game When the Rules Are Changing

by Lance Allred
Publication Date: 10/03/2020

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NBA and TEDx star Lance Allred helps men find their true source of strength, while embracing authenticity and vulnerability

These days, we hear plenty about what's wrong with men - like toxic masculinity, patriarchy, mansplaining, and male privilege. But how does a man get it right in this changing world? When our most visible role models are only showing us how to be angry and regressive, today's men need a new game plan for success: The New Alpha Male, by Lance Allred.

Having grown up in an ultra-patriarchal family and succeeded in the hyper-competitive world of the NBA, Allred knows firsthand how the old model of masculinity works - and why it is failing both men and women today. In this book, framed within the context of a basketball game, he helps men break down the outdated ideas we've internalized as "truths" about topics such as culture, addiction, fear, and spirituality - so we can move on to build a better, healthier, and stronger vision of manhood.

Allred's new playbook is built around the seven Principles of Perseverance - Accountability, Integrity, Compassion, Discomfort, Acceptance, Transformation, and the final "winning combination" of Forgiveness and Gratitude. The New Alpha Male is a bold, straight-talking guide for men of all ages who want to step up their game and become the sort of empowered, openhearted leaders our world needs.

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Sounds True, Incorporated
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United States
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Lance Allred

Lance Allred was born legally deaf from RH complications, and was raised in a polygamist commune in rural Montana before his family escaped when he was 13. A former NBA star, Lance is the author of four books, including Longshot. Lance is a sought-after speaker whose TEDx talk "What Is Your Polygamy?" has more than 4.5 million views; he has also been a leadership consultant for the FBI. He lives in Salt Lake City.

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