The Shepherd’s Hut

The Shepherd’s Hut 2

by Tim Winton

Hardback Publication Date: 12/03/2018

5/5 Rating 2 Reviews
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A rifle-shot of a novel crisp, fast, shocking The Shepherd’s Hut is an urgent masterpiece about solitude, unlikely friendship, and the raw business of survival.

Jaxie dreads going home. His mum’s dead. The old man bashes him without mercy, and he wishes he was an orphan. But no one’s ever told Jaxie Clackton to be careful what he wishes for.

In one terrible moment his life is stripped to little more than what he can carry and how he can keep himself alive. There’s just one person left in the world who understands him and what he still dares to hope for.

But to reach her he’ll have to cross the vast saltlands on a trek that only a dreamer or a fugitive would attempt.

The Shepherd’s Hut is a searing look at what it takes to keep love and hope alive in a parched and brutal world.

“ I will never be able to unhear the voice of young Jaxie Clackton, plangent and profane, who is destined to become one of the greatest characters in Australian literature. ” Geraldine Brooks
Contemporary fiction
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“Winton’s novel of breaking and mending is a searing, ardent and deeply empathetic dive into the turmoil of a mutilated heart. I will never be able to unhear the voice of young Jaxie Clackton, plangent and profane, who is destined to become one of the greatest characters in Australian literature.” GERALDINE BROOKS

“Landscape and destiny are inextricable in Tim Winton’s latest novel, and the result is a gritty realism that ultimately propels the story into the timelessness of a parable. All that I love about Winton’s work is here: the poetry of the colloquial, fully realized characters, and the fearlessness to enter the deepest mysteries of being. The Shepherd’s Hut is a brilliant reminder that Winton is one of the world’s great living novelists.” RON RASH

“A richly compassionate work, deeply informed by Winton’s poetic genius.” ALEX MILLER

“A masterpiece from a masterful storyteller. We have not seen many people like Jaxie in Australian literature. When reading this book I wondered if Winton had actually found someone like Jaxie and had simply recorded him telling his incredible story. This is the magic of this book. The voice is so authentic and the language of this young character rings true to the people I have met throughout my life. I will not forget this book.” ALEXIS WRIGHT

“A novel that reminds us what fiction can do. Here is a voice that digs into your viscera and changes you from the inside. This is fiction in the raw.” ROSS RAISIN

“Describes the chaotic struggle of new masculinity better than anything else I’ve read. As an exploration of the intergenerational trauma that plagues men, it couldn’t be more timely. Seriously, it’s incredible.” BEN QUILTY

“The Shepherd’s Hut is wonderful. Brutal, agonising, tender. Ultimately, it’s a story of redemption and hope.” SARAH WINMAN

“Even a regular Tim Winton novel — if such a thing exists — would knock most other novels into a cocked hat, but The Shepherd's Hut is Winton at the top of his game, and that's saying something. A fierce, pungent, slangy, humdinger of a book, with a real kick in the tail. Fiction doesn't get much better than this.” RUPERT THOMSON

“Shot through with the breathtaking evocation of landscape that is Winton’s forte, The Shepherd’s Hut is a hymn to the wild forces of nature and unsentimental belonging. Winton’s enviable ability to elicit passion for Jaxie through his immaculate, poetic and troubled rush of vernacular — no matter how terrible Jaxie’s actions — is broken, beautiful and ugly in all the best ways.” RAY ROBINSON

“Superb. It's rare to feel fury and hope on the surface of the skin at the same time, and more rare to find that convincing in a story.” CYNAN JONES

“Tim Winton’s Jaxie Clackton brings to mind the voices of other great survivors in literature, such as Huckleberry Finn and Oliver Twist, who struggle against impossible odds with pluck, common sense, and a refreshingly keen command of the vernacular. Once you start reading this book, you won’t want to put it down. A powerful, most compelling story.BRAD WATSON

Tim Winton

Tim Winton has published over twenty-five books for adults and children, and his work has been translated into twenty-eight languages.

Since his first novel, An Open Swimmer, won the Australian Vogel Award in 1981, he has won the Miles Franklin Award four times (for Shallows, Cloudstreet, Dirt Music and Breath) and twice been shortlisted for the Booker Prize (for The Riders and Dirt Music). He lives in Western Australia.

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  • The Shepherds Hut

    by on

    Ahhh Tim Winton
    You have done it again!
    Great story, beautifully written
    I devoured this book

  • Review by Robert @ Angus & Robertson

    by on

    A brilliant return to fiction for Winton, this book is dark,vivid, violent, enthralling and wise.

    Young Jaxie Clackton is propelled by a tragic incident to escape his violent and disaffected family, making a run to the outback salt plains of WA. Now he is up against the elements and himself. He is ill-prepared, full of passion and hormones, and struggling to think straight. Life seems to simplify to primal needs of food, shelter and water . He dreams of his girlfriend and redemption. But he is desperate, fearful, and way out of his element.

    This book is compact and tightly formed, fast-reading and self-contained like a sharp thriller. Please don't rush it though, as there is depth and acuity in the details. This is like Cormac McCarthy meets "That Eye The Sky"; a masterful and compelling story of violence and escape, underlain with a quest for trust and salvation. Jaxie's voice is impulsive and raw, couched in authentic vernacular that never rankles, though it may get explicit . The grit of unforgiving landscape is echoed within him,as he tries to map his way. He is desolate and we are marooned with him, held tight and shaken.

    As with the best of Winton's writing,there is much that arises between the lines. Thoughts on masculinity, consequences and identity are all bouncing within Jaxie's skull. Is it possible to trust? Where does he fit in this world? A book club could discuss this one for months and just scratch the surface.
    I thoroughly recommend this unforgettable book and I expect it to rule the year's awards.
    I finished "The Shepherd's Hut" with a gasping "Wow".