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Thetahealing 1

You and the Creator

by Stibal, Stibal
Publication Date: 24/11/2020
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A new ThetaHealing manual and essential handbook for practitioners and students explaining how, after ascending through the Seven Planes, we can connect with the Creator of All That Is and why this is essential for healing and spiritual elevation.

When we enter a theta brain state, we are able to connect to the Creator of All That Is-in this state, we download incredible knowledge that has the power to heal us from the inside out.

ThetaHealing is a revolutionary healing modality that utilizes focused prayer in combination with theta brain waves to enable powerful shifts in subconscious beliefs, transforming them into new, positive patterns and habits. The one requirement that is absolute with ThetaHealing is the central belief in an energy that flows through all beings- The Creator of All That Is.

ThetaHealing does not subscribe to any religion and can be used by anyone of any background and religious persuasion. The Creator goes by many names- God, Allah, Life Force, Yahweh, Goddess, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Source, etc. Whatever name you use for it, it is the driving force of all life on Earth, and the energy that we connect to in a theta brain state to activate spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.

In her first book, Vianna explained the step-by-step processes of ThetaHealing-belief work, feeling work, digging work, and gene work-and offered an introduction to the seven planes of existence. In this book, she gives detailed instructions to connect to the Creator when we have climbed through the seven planes, and, most importantly, the fascinating knowledge that the Creator then shares with us in that state. This knowledge first changed Vianna's life in 1995 and has since transformed thousands of people's lives.

Complementary therapies
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Hay House Inc
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United States

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