Tooth Bunny's A-Z Tips for Terrific Teeth

Tooth Bunny's A-Z Tips for Terrific Teeth

A Head Start Quick Guide to Protecting Your Child's Smile from Age Zero

by Annetta Tsang

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 04/10/2016

Did you know, tooth decay is the most common childhood disease in Australia and worldwide, more common than asthma and obesity? Nearly 50% of Australian 5-year-old children suffers from tooth decay. Children with tooth decay in their baby teeth are much more likely to suffer from tooth decay as adults. Persistent dental problems can lead to lasting adverse effects on children's general health, growth, learning and well-being. Best oral health care must start at home from age zero. The good news is tooth decay is preventable. But, taking children to the dentist regularly, without daily care, will NOT prevent dental problems such as tooth decay. Buying children the "scientifically proven to work" toothbrush is wonderful but it is NOT enough. YOU can protect your children's smile by looking after their teeth every day, teaching children to value their own health and helping children to develop good habits that will benefit them for a lifetime. Make a difference with the help of Tooth Bunny's A-Z Tips for Terrific Teeth. Written and illustrated by a specialist paediatric dentist, this book brings to you 26 evidence based, illustrated A-Z tips for protecting teeth for a lifetime.Full colour and easy to understand, Tooth Bunny Z-A Tips for Terrific Teeth is designed for children and adults to enjoy together.
The A-Z format makes it easier to commit oral health tips to memory and can double up for learning the alphabet for the little ones. For school-aged children learning to read, the book can serve as a reader. The size of the book is just right for children. Flexi case binding is used to ensure durability while still light weight enough to carry around.May toothaches be a thing of the past! For more information including reader reviews, please visit: To read what the experts have to say about Tooth Bunny's A-Z Tips for Terrific Teeth, please go to
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Paperback / softback
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Vivid Publishing
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