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Vampirella Volume 3: Throne of Skulls

Vampirella Volume 3: Throne of Skulls

Throne of Skulls TP

by Eric Trautmann

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 15/01/2013

WELCOME TO THE END OF DAYS! A mysterious hijacking - by an
undetectable force which leaves only death in its wake - lures Vampirella
to Russia, and deeper into a deadly conspiracy where nothing is what it seems.
At the request of Vampirella's allies - the Vatican's paranormal covert
strike force, Cestus Dei - the blood-drinking scourge of the supernatural
travels to Russia, on the hunt for a terrifying killer with a gift for murder.
But there's more at play than a simple search-and-destroy mission. Complicating
matters is the return of the King of the Vampires, Dracula - more powerful
than ever before, and determined to consecrate an unholy pact with ancient,
unknowable forces that even the lords of Chaos and Order wisely fear. War is on
the horizon, and only one who has worn the Crown of Worms can sit upon a Throne
of Skulls. Old foes are reborn, alliances are broken, and nothing in
Vampirella's world will ever be the same!
Collecting issues #12-20 of the popular ongoing Vampirella series,
with a complete cover gallery.
Graphic novels: superheroes & super-villains
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Dynamic Forces Inc
Country of origin:
United States
Dimensions (mm):

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