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What If

What If

by Paul King

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 11/06/2019

One of my favorite books is "Alas Babylon" by author Pat Frank. Another one is "The Stand" by Stephen King. What both stories have in common is man's resourcefulness to survive.I have for many years thought about what kind of story I would like to write and what the events surrounding my story would entail. I have spent two years researching and outlining "What If?" The question for you is this, what would or could you do if everything you have know as a normal everyday life was turned on its head and you were faced with survival in a chaotic new world.This is about a regular man, much like someone you work with or your neighbor next door. He is like most of us who go to work each day and works around the house on the weekend.When we are busy making a living, our focus is primarily on our job. We catch occasional insights of the world we live in on TV or social media. When I retired, I found that I had many hours to fill where I had once spent those hours at work.The 2016 Presidential election created a news frenzy and it was then that I discovered that an alternative media was thriving via the internet paticulary on You Tube. I found it interesting that the mainstream media and the alternative media constantly were on the attack against one another with the accusations of which one of them was reporting "Fake News!"I began to listen to many of the "You Tube" podcasts, and found them to be at the very least entertaining. However, there were some that for me, were making a valiant attempt to report the facts as they believed them to be.Then there were the rest who for any number of reasons promote a tirade of rants referred to as "Fear Porn!"Who knows what the future holds or how much of this "Fear Porn" has a basis of truth? The point is there are countless opinions on what people believe and which could come to pass.The central character in my story is Jack. He lives his life as if tomorrow will be the same as today, but, he is also a man who is prepared for the possibility that it might not be.His belief is, better to have it and never need it than to need it and not have it!This is his and his family's story with a plausible series of events which one can believe is a real possibility in the world we live in today.I worked in the Grocery business. I saw first-hand on a number of occasions what happens when people go into panic mode and rush to the store to stock-up. In panic mode they buy whatever they can grab before someone else gets to it before them. This typically takes place when severe weather was expected or had struck suddenly. I can only imagine how it might have gone had those times I witnessed been driven by an epic disaster as portrayed in my story.My hope is that you find this book a compelling read and that if you do you will recommend it to others who may find this topic intriguing as well.Thank you, Paul King
Paperback / softback
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