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Yorkshire Ripper

Yorkshire Ripper

The Secret Murders

by Chris Clark and Tim Tate
Publication Date: 29/06/2015
Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, is one of the most notorious killers in British history. Held in Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital, he is one of a handful of prisoners who will never be free. Official record has it that he was convicted of murdering thirteen women. He claimed he had a divine mission to killthem. But this is far from the full story - indeed, almost everything we know about the Ripper is wrong. Three years of investigation by retired police officer Chris Clark and veteran journalist Tim Tate has uncovered seismic holes in the case with truly shocking repercussions.
True crime
Publication Date:
John Blake Publishing Ltd
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
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Chris Clark

Chris Clark graduated from the Royal Military College 1972 and served in the Australian Army Intelligence Corps until 1979. Following this he worked in the Departments of Defence, Foreign Affairs, and Prime Minister and Cabinet.

After writing commissioned histories for six years, during which time he completed a PhD at the Australian Defence Force Academy, he worked at the Australian National University and the Australian War Memorial.

From 2004, until he retired nine years later, he was RAAF Historian and Head of the Office of Air Force History. He has written extensively on aspects of Australian defence over many years in a variety of publications as sole author, contributor and editor.

Tim Tate

Tim Tate is an award-winning documentary film-maker, investigative journalist and author of numerous books of non-fiction, including the best-selling Slave Girl (John Blake, 2009) and Hitler's Forgotten Children (Elliott & Thompson, 2015) telling the story of the largely-secret Nazi Lebensborn programme through the life of one of its victims. He lives in Wiltshire.

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