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ZEN Leader

ZEN Leader

10 Ways to Go from Barely Managing to Leading Fearlessly

by Ginny Whitelaw

Publication Date: 15/04/2012

Leaders today face nearly impossible tasks. Forced to do more with less, expand globally, innovate quickly, inspire broadly and - oh, yes - balance work and family. How can one manage all this pressure? THE ZEN LEADER does not encourage you to just 'be peaceful.' Neither does it suggest you work harder, faster or ignore the pressure. Quite the opposite: it's about using the pressure to propel 'flips' in consciousness that create transformational leaders, leaders who create the future with joy and enthusiasm, rather than drive themselves and their people to exhaustion. THE ZEN LEADER guides you through 10 'flips' that take you from barely managing to mastering change - not by doing more, zoning out or pretending you have all the answers. Chapter by chapter, you'll learn how to make the 'flips' that reframe your life, your leadership and your world. Discover how you can get out of your own way and realise the Zen leader in you. "This book is an incredible journey through soul-searching ideas, [providing] a laser-focus on critical leadership issues, and practical exercises that embed the understanding and ability to make the flip at our very core. Fascinating!"
-Virginia McLaughlin, Oliver Wyman Leadership Development
Management: leadership & motivation
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Career Press
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United States
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