Advance On Sequetus 3

Advance On Sequetus 3

by Nick Broadhurst

Publication Date: 12/05/2014


This story is also the beginning of the New Earth Miniseries. As more detail, our intelligence agent has been commissioned by his patron, to go to Earth, Sequetus 3, to find out what is happening. There are too many contrary facts in the lifestyle of the inhabitants of Earth. They have extremely short-lives, but they have a fast developing technology. They have atomics, poised to destroy their own world. It is 1989 there, with the Cold War is in full swing. There are plenty of signs that the planet has extraterrestrial visitors, but the government authorities are in denial. None of it makes sense. There are extraterrestrial bases all through the Earth system, including its moon, but the planet is isolated, and there is also no plan for intervention by out there. The planet Maluka runs the sector where Earth is located, but they are doing all they can to prevent these others from finding out what is happening.

This is a wild plot. It runs through all the books, and the author will be the first to say, like every great epic, it takes a little bit of writing to get the reader warmed up. That is this book.

This book was first drafted in 1989, with pen and paper, and that makes it more interesting, as since then all the other 22 books have been finished to make this epic series complete.

There are pictures and illustrations to help you. There are maps, and a beefy glossary of terms. Like the Galaxy, this story is big. Soak it in, and strap yourself in. You are about to enter the real world of the Sequetus Series, where nothing is as it seems.

Space opera
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Nick Broadhurst

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