by Delia Strange and Linda Conlon

Publication Date: 03/03/2016


What if, instead of one world, there were many?
What if you could effortlessly travel between worlds?
What if visiting other worlds meant someone would be sent to kill you?
If there was nothing but misery in your world... would you risk leaving?

Daeson of Cloverlea has the ability to know when people are lying. Forced out of his home and lured out of his world, Daeson is trapped in a city where he doesn’t understand the language and everyone is hostile.

Hawke Aron of Donovan Court is kidnapped by a rogue group of Wanderers. While on the move, he discovers that he has Wanderer blood too. By the time he learns to control his power, he is at the mercy of a more ruthless enemy.

Synjan Walker is a fixer. She is strong-minded, capable and loyal to a fault. If the Authorities ever arrest her for her crimes, she wouldn’t go to prison but to a laboratory. She is a Wanderer Navigator and the Authorities would love to get their hands on her blood.

The Authorities are innovators, technological giants and tireless explorers. Their manufactured portal allows them to access the resources of every world. They enforce a strict regimen for Interworld travel that they protect at all costs.

Written by Linda Conlon and Delia Strange

Publication Date:
Delia Strange

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