Bierce: Easy To Read

Bierce: Easy To Read

by Ambrose Bierce

Publication Date: 18/01/2019


Never before has the pen of Bitter Bierce been so kind on the eyes!

Completely revised and abridged for your ease of reading, this edition presents no less than 18 stories in new versions. Lean back and travel to the stranger corners of 19th century America as you are taken on a journey back in time.

An anti-war author ahead of his time, Ambrose Bierce is now more relevant than ever before. Friends of great storytelling and social commentary, now you can finally enjoy his writings unhampered by an old style!

The stories included in this edition are:

The Damned Thing

Present At A Hanging

A Cold Greeting

A Wireless Message

An Arrest

A Man With Two Lives

A Baffled Ambuscade

Two Military Execution

The Isle Of Pines

A Fruitless Assignment

A Vine On A House

At Old Man Eckert’s

The Spook House

The Other Lodgers

The Thing At Nolan

The Difficulty Of Crossing A Field

An Unfinished Race

Charles Ashmore’s Trail

Published as part of Ark Tundra's Easy To Read Series, which specializes in simplified versions of classic fiction, this book marks the third entry in the catalog next to titles by E. A. Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, and several others.

This is Easy To Read Volume 3 - Collect Them All!

Horror & ghost stories
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Ark Tundra
Ambrose Bierce

A veteran of the American Civil War who fought at Shiloh and Chickamauga in the Union ranks, Bierce became one of America's best-known writers and journalists, admired for his insolent, entertaining and sometimes courageous columns.

In 1913 he set off for Mexico, then in the throes of revolution, and was never seen again. Ralph Steadman is the author of many illustrated books including Sigmund Freud, I Leonardo, The Big I Am, The Scar-Strangled Banner, Alice and Animal Farm. His most recent publication is the novel, Doodaaa.

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